Jackie Shroff recalls the time when he had to sell his furniture due to Financial Difficulties

Jackie Shroff is one of the senior-most actors of Bollywood. He has worked in more than 200+ films.

He has gone through a tough time in the early 2000s. He has gone through a very tough time when he had to sell off his furniture to make his essential needs meet after the commercial failure of the film Boom.

The topic was once again brought into conversation after his son, Tiger, spoke about it in an interview in 2019. In a new interview, Jackie said that real hardship can be seen on the streets, but admitted that it took a lot of ‘hard work’ for him to get back on his feet.

Asked if it was difficult to get the family back on track after the failure of Boom, he told a leading daily, “Yes, it was. I have worked hard. But then, it’s not harder than the work that the people who are making the roads or highways or climbing mountains, and trying to stop the rocks from falling on Lonavala doing. That’s real hard work. I had a lot of fun. I worked hard. But if you look around the streets, you’ll find hard work in the absolute sense.”