Is Priyanka Chopra getting divorced? removed ‘Jonas’ name from Instagram

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are the most beloved couple from Bollywood to Hollywood. However, now surprising news has come out about both of them. The Dostana Star on Monday made modifications to her Insta bio. Priyanka has removed her husband’s surname ‘Jonas’ from her Instagram bio.

Ever since Priyanka did this, there has been unrest among fans and social media users. Users are assuming that there has been a rift in Nick and Priyanka’s relationship. Some believe that both are about to get divorced. By the way, it is also worth noting that Priyanka has wiped out her surname ‘Chopra’ along with her husband Nick Jonas from Insta Bio.

Nevertheless, many social media users and fans are upset and tweeting about this. One user wrote, ‘I was about to say that it cannot happen that Nick and Priyanka have broken up. Both of them were still together on Diwali. But now it seems that I am wrong. Another user asked, ‘Are Nick and Priyanka divorced???’ Another user wrote, ‘I am saying that something is wrong with Nick and Priyanka’s relationship. I said this even when he was in Cleveland. His entire family was with him, but his wife Priyanka was not there’.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas were seen together at the Diwali celebration this year. Both of them had enjoyed Diwali in the new house they bought together. Many well-known celebs of Hollywood were involved in this celebration. Priyanka had also shared many pictures of her Diwali party, which went viral on social media. Now, what is the reason behind Priyanka’s removal of Nick’s surname, only she can tell about it!