Ira Khan ‘Errrs’ as a fan calls her “Ameer Khan sir ki son,” questions the gendered nouns

Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan recently interacted with her fans via her Instagram stories. She posted on her story “I am not quite sure what to do with myself. You?” Many fans gave interesting replies to the question and she posted them with interesting reactions. But, one of the replies personally triggered her. The reply was “Aapto Ameer Khan sir ki son ho naa”. Posting this reply she wrote “I’m his daughter, But what even are these gendered nouns!?” She even reacted to the reply with ‘Errr’ sounds.

She has an amazing fan base and she keeps on doing these interaction with her fans occasionally.

Ira Khan recently started her youtube channel in which she talks about depression and her struggle with it. Ira Khan also keeps posting about her struggles with depression, body positivity, loving yourself and other things like that.

She has also spoken to different news sites about following the footsteps of her father. In one such interaction she had said that her comfort is in working back stage and that she would like to act only if she gets an action film.