Indian sensation Raveena Tandon says, “British owe an apology to India”

Colonization is an issue that has been spoken about for ages. Actor and Indian Bollywood sensation, Raveen Tandon opinioned on the issue by saying that the British definitely owe an apology for all the effects their rule had on the Indian economy. She said this while replying to a tweet that read as India was the richest country until the advent of British rule.

History is evidence of India being the richest country in the 17th century. It was only after the voyages of exploration that the British found the route to this land. This information was posted on a page called ‘fact read,’ to which Raveena posted her comment. To this comment, one of her fans, seeking opportunity, said, ‘says someone who has done thefts of millions of hearts, joking.’ While people supported her statement, others urged us to forget about the past and said that we cannot focus on the past every time as the present is in our hands but still, we aren’t making an initiative to make India better.

Raveena was a debutant in the 1991 film, Patthar ke phool. She went on to become one of the most stunning stars of Bollywood. Now she is all set for her new project, KGF: Chapter 2. Apart from the sequel in which she will be playing a politician, Raveena will be seen in web series like Legacy, which also features Akshaye Khanna. Raveena has also spoken to the Hindustan times about how different shooting during the pandemic has been. ‘This has become the way of life, crew in PPE suits, it’s changed,’ she says.

Here’s one of her latest posts: