If Salman Khan hosted Bigg Boss 15 is getting an extension? FIND OUT

As the covid cases are rising in Mumbai, the industry is walking ahead cautiously. Most television shows have agreed to work with a small workforce and are also internally capable to move out of the city if a lockdown is imposed. In such a scenario, initiating a new show can be a big risk. Keeping that in concern, Colors TV is likely to extend Bigg Boss 15 for a few weeks, and the premiere of Hunarbaaz will be postponed.

“The team feels it’s a safer bet to carry on an ongoing show than launch a new one. There are reports that if there is to be a lockdown in town, the team would have to then fly out bag and baggage to shoot outdoors, incurring bigger expenses. Carrying on with Bigg Boss till the time things settle down seems logical and practical at the moment in terms of all logistics,” the source added.

Given the current situation, it is being said the house is a much safer place to be right now, given that the participants are trapped within and are already cut off from the outside world. In addition, the Bigg Boss cast is already encased in a bio bubble. According to the source, the show’s production can continue to run smoothly for a longer period of time. While there is no official confirmation at this time, producers are considering extending the season by three to five weeks.

However, according to a source, the final announcement will be made on the Weekend Ka Vaar programme by host Salman Khan and Bigg Boss and if the show is to get an extension, the inmates will get a longer time to fight to win.

According to reports, plans are also underway to welcome candidates’ friends and relations for the ‘Family Week.’ They will have to go through a mandatory quarantine once their names have been confirmed before they can enter the residence.