‘Hilarious stand-up comedian,’ Karan Patel taunts Kangana after she comments on oxygen

Kangana had been an active Twitter user where she seldom opinionated her views. Recently, when she expressed that oxygen is forcibly being stolen from the environment and being  put to medical use, Karan Patel lost his cool and called her a ‘hilarious stand-up comedian.’


Ye hai Mohobatein actor, Karan Patel took to his Instagram with the screenshot of Kangana’s post and there he announced that she is a hilarious comedian ever produce because, in this time of crises, she has vaguely commented on oxygen being stolen from the environment when so many people have lost their lives due to oxygen shortage. Karan Patel is among the others who have often given back to Kangana in the past. When she had compared herself with Meryl Streep and Gal Gadot, he said that the almighty has created them without brains. Moreover, when Kangana’s sister Rangoli took over her business, Karan pointed out to her on her anti-nepotism debate.


Last year, Rangoli Chandel’s account had been suspended and this year it was time for the controversial diva Kangana to lose her account after having commented on the West Bengal elections. To her account being suspended, Kangana has gotten back to the anti-colonial and anti-racism era where she accuses twitter to be a white man’s toy that is only capable of enslaving a brown soul. She feels fortunate to have other platforms to express her views, the most important among them being her own cinema. She feels that people in this nation have been tortured, enslaved, and censored for several years and there is no end to their suffering.