Here is what Mohit Raina revealed about his “not a planned” wedding with Aditi

Mohit Raina amazed his fans after he disclosed his marriage on social media on the 1st of January. However, the actor recently disclosed key details about his marriage, and also talked about his wife Aditi and how they first met. Mohit told that the marriage was not a planned affair in fact it was a last-minute outcome that he brought about.

Talking with Hindustan Times, Mohit told, “It was not a planned affair but a short notice decision that we took. It just happened and everything fell in place. The wedding was a close-knit family affair and took place in Rajasthan.”

The actor further said that he was not believing the kind of reaction he got following the announcement. “It was heartwarming, beautiful, and emotional for me. It made me realize how much people love me,” he told.

Meanwhile, he also talked about keeping the ceremony low-profile, Raina told that he has always been a private person. Mohit expanded that those special moments of tying the knot “cannot be expressed in words”. The actor dubbed his wedding ‘dreamy’. He also disclosed how he first met Aditi. “We first met a few years ago. We mutually decided to move forward after a few years of our friendship, which had grown over time. I met her family during the pandemic (second wave) to ask for her hand. Then, families got together and decided to move forward,” Raina revealed.

“It’s a great feeling to be loved, to be in love, to be wanted, and to spend the good and bad moments with someone who cares about you. I was lucky enough,” Raina concluded.