Here is what Kriti Sanon said about sulking with Sushant Singh Rajput for Raabta’s failure

Kriti Sanon is counted among one of the best actresses of Bollywood presently. She has a sensational lineup of films this year. But, just like many other stars even she has had her bit of movies that did not perform well at the box office. One such movie was Raabta in which she featured along with the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. In a conversation with Film Companion, Kriti opened up about the crazy evening when she and her co-star in the movie SSR met with their director Dinesh Vijan to ruminate about the poor reception of the movie.

In the conversation, Kriti Sanon disclosed that when Raabta opened up to not so good numbers and bad reviews, Sushant Singh Rajput, Dinesh Vijan and herself agreed on to meet up over a bottle of wine only so that they could talk about what went wrong. Kriti also told that while they were shooting Raabta, the actress had warned SSR and Dinesh about the flashbacks in the movie not being to the level and not being impactful. But, those two would just tell ‘isko kuch nahi pata’. The actress told, “You have to accept what has happened. You’re making films for the audience, you can’t say unko samajh nahi aayi (they didn’t understand). Agar unko samajh nahi aayi tumhari galti hai (It’s your fault if they didn’t understand). You can’t say, ‘We were ahead of our time’. No, you’re making films for that time, you have to connect to the audience. Where did you fail? You have to figure that out.”

Kriti went on to say that it was a crazy night and they were all frowning about the movie not doing well. Dinesh had phoned them for drinks and it was when they were sitting together the director told that he thinks the flashback scenes were an issue. Kriti jape that she quickly answered with ‘I told you this!’”

However, one more thing that Kriti Sanon told was that she learned to make notes on her scripts from the late Sushant Singh Rajput.