Here is how Salman Khan reacted when Pragya Jaiswal asked him ‘can I touch you?’

Pragya Jaiswal, who starred alongside Salman Khan in the recently released music video Main Chala, confessed that she had asked Salman Khan for permission to touch him when they met on the first day of the shoot. She explained that she wanted to be ‘extra-sure’ to not make him upset or angry.

The song ‘Main Chala’ which came out on Saturday was sung by Guru Randhawa and Iulia Vantur, they were also featured in the music video, alongside Salman and Pragya.

In an interview, Pragya said, “See, I met Salman sir for the first time on the set on the first day of our song shoot. Naturally, I didn’t know what was allowed and how much was allowed. Whenever you meet someone for the first time, and that too India’s biggest star Salman Khan, you want to make sure that you are doing everything right. You don’t want to do anything, even by mistake, that will make him upset or angry”

Pragya Jaiswal said that she did not want to cross a line when she first met Salman Khan, on the first day of the Main Chala shoot, so she took permission before touching Salman Khan.

She further added, “I was just being extra-sure and I asked him on the first day, ‘Can I touch you?’ It’s a romantic song, it has cute moments and you have to have good chemistry to be comfortable. I wanted to make sure that sir is in a good mood. I didn’t want to do anything which would make him say, ‘She is doing too much.’ So I used to ask for permission, especially on the first day, but then after that, I got comfortable. Sir said, ‘No problem, you can touch me’”

Pragya admitted that she wanted to make her Bollywood debut alongside Salman’s movie Antim: The Final Truth but it did not work out. She later joined Salman and Lulia on the Bigg Boss 15 stage on Sunday to promote Main Chala, while Guru joined in via video call.