‘Gunda’ fame Harish Patel grabs the spotlight once again for ‘Eternals’

Actor Harish Patel is surprised at the sudden attention he garnered with his recent Hollywood movie, Eternals. “Ek dum se 14 saal baad, mere par logun ko itna pyaar aaya, aur they started asking ke sir aapne phele kyun nahi bataya. I thought why should I be the one telling them, or serving all the information on a platter. Usmein kya hi maaza hai. They should have done some hard work to find it out,” said the actor. “Duniya bahut badi hai, aap kab tak kup ke manduk baane rahoge. Come out and see. People need to expand their thoughts for others” the actor added as he talked about working internationally.

The actor talked about how he can never forget that people assumed that he was no more, soon after he moved to the UK.E Ever since people saw me in the trailer of the film, Eternals, they started talking about me. All of a sudden, I became a talking point. But before that I had heard that people just assumed that men duniya mein nahi raha. I am no more,” Patel said. “I used to wonder why didn’t people check with me once before jumping to such conclusions. Google search hi kar lete ke ke kahan gaya Harish Patel, mar gaya ya zinda hai. Just because mein yahan kaam nahi kar raha tha, ya dikh nahi raha tha, toh bas bol diya ke nahi raha”.

Patel was known for his character of Ibu Hatela in the Bollywood film Gunda (1998), and has explored a lot as an artiste in the UK. “I got a chance to rekindle my first love, which is theatre. I did a play, Rafta Rafta, at Royal National Theatre, then went on to do several TV shows”.