Funny Bollywood moments: Salman Khan’s floss dance is making everyone crack up

We Indians have a lavish pop culture which brings in new innovations and stunts frequently which come into fashion very quickly and eventually die off. One such trend which had gone viral a few months back was the floss dance. After tiktok stars popularized the move, it was seen in almost every event and gatherings. The trend was so popular that even celebs like Salman Khan gave it a try.

In a video circulated by Pinkvilla, Salman is seen at the press conference of the movie Dabangg 2 along with other actresses including Sonakshi Sinha and Katrina Kaif. He tries this bloom floss dance step as a challenge given to him during the conference. As he arises from his seat to complete the challenge, we can see that it a failed attempt but a cute one. It is evident from the video that there was someone demonstrating the action to the star and he attempted to follow the person. However, despite efforts even in slow motion, the Dabangg actor could only make his fans have a hearty laugh at his gestures. We can also hear the audience and the girls cracking up in the background as they watch the ‘bhai’ of Bollywood struggling with the step.

Well, Salman has always been now for his ability to move out of his comfort zone to try and venture into new arenas. His experiments with catchy hook steps have really helped him in strengthening his fandom.  The actor was recently seen in his latest Eid release, Radhe in which he has gone beyond his potential to try martial arts and sword fighting in the action sequence.

Here is one of the actor’s latest posts where he is celebrating his latest film: