Find out Mira Kapoor’s ‘first love’, Shahid says, he is ‘ok being her 2nd love’

It was a fun Friday for Shahid Kapoor as he poked his wife, Mira Rajput in a fun video. Quickly, even Shahid’s brother Ishaan Khatter also participated with his hilarious comment on the Jersey actor’s post. In the video, Shahid secretly shoots Mira while she was busy with her ‘first love’ and joked about being her second love.

Thinking who is Mira’s first love according to Shahid? However, it was none other than her phone. Shahid jabbed fun and asserted that Mira’s first love was her phone. In the video, Mira is glimpsed surfing through her phone while Shahid is glimpsed sitting at a distance from her and blowing kisses through the air at her. Soon Ishaan commented with ‘awww’ on his brother’s caption. He also prompted Mira to sit straight as he said, “straighten ur back @mira.kapoor.”

Have a look at Shahid and Mira video HERE -:

Nevertheless, Mira was fast to respond to Shahid and wrote, “Naaah you’re my first love” with 3 heart emoticons. She also reacted to Ishaan’s joke about her back and told, “And this is the puffiest jacket ever. Deceptive!”

Meanwhile, Shahid’s latest movie Jersey was delayed just 3 days before its release on December 31, 2021, due to the third wave of COVID 19 and theatres closing down in several states.