Farhan Akhtar opens up about depiction of Partition in Ms Marvel

Farhan Akhtar as of late made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut with the Disney+ series Ms Marvel. The actor showed up in the 4th episode of the show, which started streaming last Wednesday. Farhan’s character Waleed showed up as a guide to the protagonist Kamala Khan (poytrayed by Iman Vellani). The episode is likewise being noted for the portrayal of the Partition of India, a first for the MCU. In a new interview, Farhan talked about its importance.

Talking to AV Club as of late, Farhan talked about the depiction of the significant historical event and how it can reach out to a global audience now. He said, “It’s especially great because it’s happening on what we consider an entertaining superhero show, and now it’s going into the history of the subcontinent and what the people had to go through.”

The actor added. “But what I really love is how it ties into the story organically because of how the Partition had a direct impact on Kamala’s family, from Aisha to her grandmother. Of course, there’s learning about what happened between India and Pakistan, but it ties in nicely and in a strong emotional way with the narrative of the characters. That’s also what’s really important and lovely to see.”

Ms Marvel’s forthcoming episode will additionally dig into the history of the Partition and how it connects to Kamala’s past and her superpowers.