Farhan Akhtar loses his patience on those selling fake COVID-19 medication, calls them ‘Monsters’

Farhan Akhtar Slams People Selling Duplicate Covid-19 Preventive Vaccines.

Farhan Akhtar is seen in many roles in Bollywood movies and he is one of the most talented artists. He is very much calm and dedicated by his nature. Farhan Akhtar recently took to Twitter to talk about people selling fake Covid-19 medicines.

On his Twitter handle, he wrote: “Seen a news report of people manufacturing & selling fake COVID-19 medication. You have to be a special kind of monster to con people in these dark & desperate times. Shame on you, whoever you are!!!”

Replying to his tweet many of his followers shared their experiences regarding the issues. Some said they are buying vials that are costlier than gold. People expressed their thoughts saying people are taking advantage in this helpless situation where no actions are taken against these monsters.

Charging way higher prices for essential medicines is the basic common issue everyone’s facing.
Before Farhan Akhtar, actor R Madhavan had similarly exposed people involved in corrupt practices amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

A few days back, Madhavan had shared a tweet, in which he spoke of and exposed a man, who was running a racket of Remdesivir sale. Sharing it, Madhavan had written: “Also received this .. pls be aware .we have such devils amongst us too.”