F9 surprises audience with a special series even before the release, check out!

While fans await the fresh segment of Fast and Furious, the makers have come up with something special for the audience. A series is supposed to air from April 30th which would feature Vin Diesel for the premiere episode, followed by several members of the lead cast and crew in the upcoming episodes. The surprise lies in the fact that the audience will be able to greet the cast even before the movie release.

The fast and furious franchise has successfully entertained their audience for good 20 years. It is not grooming itself to enter the world of podcast with its first ever series on the action film. Reports have said that NBCUniversal will be steering the podcast through 9 episodes, celebrating 9 glorious parts of the action saga.

The audience worldwide is all excited for the podcast as they hope to seek entertainment indoors. With it’s first episode scheduled on April 30th, it will kickstart with popularly beloved movie star Vin Diesel and will create an hype for the next episodes.

The podcast is said to be covering interviews and anecdotes of the cast and crew, their first had experience and nostalgic moments as they have journeyed through 9 consecutive seasons. It will indeed be fun to watch the constituents of the action saga speak about their take on the movie.

Fast and the Furious, is backed by its director Justin Lin along with screenplay credits to Daniel Casey. With its influential case, the franchise has welcomed fresh faces on board including John Cena, Cardi B and Ozuna. Let’s get ready for this amazing podcast experience.