Does Lucky Ali decide to Retire from Music? Feels it is more of a responsibility now!

Lucky Ali has been one of those singers whose voice instantly soothes one’s soul. The late 90s and early 2000s would be incomplete without him and his songs, which are still just as wonderful as it was when they had released. While we do not hear Lucky Ali has almost given up on playback singing, we still hear him in concerts and albums. Now, the singer plopped big news when he disclosed he is considering retirement.

In a recent interview with a news publication, he announced that he sees retirement more as a responsibility. He stated, “I have been thinking of it (retiring) for a long time. I think of it as more of a responsibility than anything else. When my kids started their music label, I thought I was on my way out. I was prepared for it.”
The singer is anticipating the release of his next music album, Intezaar which would be coming out in just a couple of days. He uncovered that initially, he had not liked the lyrics of the songs, written by IP Singh, which were then about hoping that someone will return. “I was like what if I don’t want to come back? So I called IP and told him that it has to be about higher love and that it is as much about ‘intezaar’ (wait) as much it is about tamanna (hope). He then came up with the right lyrics and I think his final lines, explained to me, that he understood what I wanted from the words of the song.”

Lucky Ali further reflected that the Lockdown worked as a trigger for him to consider retirement. He said that he was just happy about the fact that he don’t have to go anywhere. The last few years have been very tough. To be on the road constantly is not easy. You travel hundreds of miles and it takes a lot of energy from you. His album, Intezaar, would be out on 6th April.