Dia Mirza speaks up about her near-death experience: “I had to go in for an appendectomy in the fifth month of my pregnancy”

In 2021, Dia Mirza amazed everyone when she announced her pregnancy in April. However, in May the actress welcomed her baby. But, she shared the news with the public in July. While sharing the good news through Instagram, Dia also spoke of what got wrong in her pregnancy and how doctors assisted her to deliver the child.

The actress recently recounted the experience in a recent conversation with ETimes. She said, “I had to go in for an appendectomy in the fifth month of my pregnancy. I was in and out of hospital subsequently because of an acute bacterial infection that could have led to sepsis while I was in my sixth month of pregnancy. My baby had to be delivered because my placenta had started to haemorrhage. It was a tough time and I’m grateful for my gynecologist who saved our lives.”

Moreover, on being questioned about how different it is to be a mother during a pandemic. The 40-year-old replied, “To bring a child into a world in crisis has a profound impact on all our choices. I hope that someday soon we won’t have to wear masks and our children can have normalcy in their lives. Our daughter is studying online and that is a struggle. Our son is too young to know the difference. But while we stay home, we cherish the time we have together and do all we can to make this time engaging, happy and safe for our children.”

However, it was only in February last year that Dia tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend Vaibhav Rekhi. This is Dia’s second wedding. The actress was first married to Sahil Sangha for 11 years before they divorced in 2019.