Cyclone Tauktae causes heavy loss for the makers of Ajay Devgn starer ‘Maidaan’

The cyclone was an uninvited guest for the state of Maharashtra. With it’s heavy intensity and deadly strength, it has costed the localites an immense loss of property. Among the many casualties faced by the people, there was been damage on the sets of the film Maidaan which was based in the outskirts of the city of Mumbai.

The set which was designed for the film that stars Ajay Devgn as the lead, has suffered a heavy damage after the natural disaster. It is being said that a huge chunk of the film was yet to be shot on the set as the shooting had been stalled earlier due to the constrains of the pandemic. The shoot had been stopped earlier as the set had been dismantled in view of the pandemic situation and the upcoming rains. There were about 40 workers on the set and a bunch of curators when the cyclone hit the shores. They tried to save a lot of things but in vain, the set was damaged to a large extent.

The film Maidaan is based on the life of a football player, Sayed Abdul Rahim which is being directed by Amit Sharma and produced by Bonney Kapoor. It is going to be one of Ajay Devgn’s blockbuster release after the pandemic and the makers hope for a massive response especially after the losses they have faced in the making process.

Here is the poster of the film: