Comedian Sugandha Mishra shocks her husband with ‘caring wife’ avatar: fans relive the Kapil Sharma Show

The Kapil Sharma Show housed the comedians, Sugandha Mishra and her now-husband Sanket Bhosale sometime ago. The couple who recently wed on April 26th is now sharing cute pictures and videos of their wedding on social media. Sanket has recently posted a humorous after his wife’s marriage portrayed as a ‘caring wife’ which has a twist into it. The audience is going crazy behind this comedy duo.

In the reel shared by Sanket, he asks greets his wife with a good morning and asks her if he could have a cup of tea. To this, Sungandha replies by saying ‘Jao bana lo’ intending a pun in Hindi. The friends and family of the couple are now filling their inboxes and comments by indulging in a banter.  The fact that two comedians are now tied to each other in marriage makes the audience feel that from now on, the couple will make people laugh together as a couple. Along with their wedding pictures, the couple showcases their comedy through petty ‘nok-jhoks’ now that they are a couple. They have come up with various captions, one of which being ‘Bhosle ka jawab Mishra se.’

Sugandha, who is known for playing characters that mimicked Kangana and Didi among the others, has shown her swag while she entered in a palanquin on the wedding day.  The comedian couple has left everyone awed with their wedding pictures where Sanket romantically kisses her hand during the ‘varmala’ ceremony.