Bobby Deol recalls dancing with a broken leg for ‘Gupt’

25 years already for a movie that surprised each and every viewer when it dropped, minted money, cemented it’s lead cast’s popularity … Gupt stays special to Bobby Deol for more reasons than one.

His co-star Kajol was the villain in the movie, and it is still remembered due to this surprise that no one saw coming. Inquire as to whether he was apprehensive in the least knowing she will leave walk away with the most attention, and he quips, as per,  “I don’t think so. When people see the work, music, I was dancing so much for the first time, the action was amazing. These kind of subjects were never made.”

Deol uncovers that director Rajiv Rai came up with a promotional strategy that no one before him, and after Gupt, has emulated.

“He booked a music channel for a day, and for 24 hours there would be no other commercial or film’s ads, besides Gupt. Only Gupt’s songs would keep playing. Can you believe that? It was amazing how he promoted the film, because it had so much material,” beams the actor.

Remembering more such nuggets from the movie’s making, he recalls how his famous dance steps came about. Deol laughs, “I had to rehearse so much to get it right. We were shooting Duniya… na there used to be no air conditioning in studios those days. I would rehearse so much that I was drenched in sweat by the end of it. And then white patches would be visible because of it. I wore eight-nine pairs of black jeans for that one song. Then I broke my leg while shooting for Barsaat, my debut film, and Gupt was immediately after that. I had an accident on the former’s last day, so Chinni and Rekha Prakash ji made those hand movements of mine, which became popular as ‘Bobby Deol’s style’!”