Ayush Sharma talks about dealing with trolls

Ever since Aayush Sharma debuted in Loveyatri the trolls have bantered on claiming that he only got a chance in Bollywood due to wife Arpita Khan Sharma, and with his second movie, Antim: The Final Truth, opposite superstar brother-in-law Salman Khan no less, that chatter has become all the more prominent. In a recent interview, Aayush Sharma opened up about the more horrible things trolls have remarked about him ever since Loveyatri and how he has filtered out all the noise till the release of Antim. “I read comments like ‘Salman Khan should be launched a dog instead of Aayush Sharma’ and ‘I look like a girl and should not act’. After that, first and foremost, I stayed away from social media a lot. I have a public account on Instagram that I don’t handle, I’m not on Twitter and I have private account on Instagram where I share things for my friends, but other than that, I hardly read comments on social media. See, there’s an impatience when you’re doing a film that’s very different from your first film, and there’s a journey you have to undertake for this film, but somewhere or another, you’re also thinking that you’re finished, you’re over because you don’t have a release for 1-2 years, plus many advisors come who question why you took such a long break, are you not getting movies, has this happened, that happened, so a lot of questions start arising,” Sharma mentioned.

“Due to this noise, you become restless and start doubting your decisions, you’re so young, you could’ve done 3-4 films instead of dedicating about 3 years to 1 film. What of this movie is not appreciated after taking a gap of 3 years? So, it gets very stressful. I had to keep thinking that this is my life’s biggest film, a career-defining film, and if I can do one scene opposite a superstar like Salman Khan, which the audience remembers me for, I feel that I’ve would’ve left my mark. You either take a small or big risk. This is a very big risk for me, so I tried my best to just remain patient during this time and stay positive,” he added