Armaan Malik upset over a tweet calling him out for releasing his song amid pandemic, says ‘it is not equal to being insensitive to situation’

Recently, singer Armaan Malik released his new song ‘Bin Tere’ on yotube, and someone on twitter tweeted ‘Desh me corona bad raha ha … Plz stop releasing songs .. Evryone is suffering .. Plz let dat money into a good cause.’

Armaan Malik got upset at this tweet and immediately took to twitter to defend himself. He tweeted ‘Releasing music ≠ being insensitive to the situation. Please get that into your head. And rahi baat suffering ki, I hope you’re aware that there are many who are also suffering at home too with mental health issues. Maybe a good piece of music could bring them some sanity!’

He further added to his tweet ‘And I am doing my best to help people in my own way. I don’t need to flash it on social media. Now have a good day do something good on your own.’

Armaan Malik has given chart busters like Buddhu sa Man, Sab Tera and Chale Aana.