Anushka Sharma reveals how her daughter Vamika tries to make her laugh

Actress Anushka Sharma is good to go to get back to the big screen with her forthcoming movie Chakda ‘Xpress. This will be her first movie after giving birth to her daughter  Vamika in 2021. Speaking about returning to work after embracing motherhood, she as of late uncovered that she feels empowered by her life decisions in terms of career and personal aspects.

Anushka, who made it to the cover of Harper’s Bazaar India, talked about her career and personal decisions as someone who can’t do everything at once. She told the magazine, “I feel empowered with the choices I’ve made, which is how I always want to feel. No one is asking me to do it; this is my choice, to be able to do things in a certain way. I don’t think I can be someone who can do multiple things at once, but there are women who can, and kudos to them. But that does not mean anyone is lesser or more because of that.”

She added, “When my daughter tries to make me laugh. And when she sees that she has made me laugh, she repeats the action over and over, to make me laugh again. She’s so young and tries so hard. And when I begin laughing, she enjoys it tremendously. This simple act really touches me.”