Anupamaa: Marriage video of Anupama-Anuj Kapadia goes viral, fans say ‘so emotional’

Anupamaa is once again getting viral on social media! Ever since its beginning, the TV show has taken the number 1 place in BARC rating. In the last episode, fans’ favourite pair, Anupama and Anuj got ultimately wedded after facing obstacles for so long! Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna’s fans are totally elated as they have been sharing pictures and clips of the duo tying the knot.

Soon after pictures arrived Anupama and Anuj Kapadia’s wedding got viral on Twitter. Various fan accounts have posted pictures and videos from the happy moment on social media along with sweet posts. They have also posted some unseen moments from the nuptials ceremony. Fans are overjoyed to see the gorgeous nuptials and are heaping praises on the reel couple. Hashtags like #RupaliGanguly, #AnujKapadia, #Anupamaa and #MaAnKiShaadi have taken spot in the top Twitter trends.

In one of the videos, Sudhanshu Pandey’s character Vanraj is also glimpsed looking on as Anuj ties the mangalsutra around Anupama’s neck. In Anupamaa, Rupali plays the titular role, Gaurav plays Anuj while Sudhanshu is glimpsed as Vanraj, Anupama’s ex-husband.

For the marriage, Anupama looked gorgeous in a white, red and golden outfit with traditional jewellery. Anuj was outfitted a red sherwani with cream coloured pants, a red dupatta and a green turban. He also accessorised with a green neckpiece.