Amrita Anmol Anniversary: From first meeting in the radio station to marriage association, know Amrita-Anmol’s love story

Bollywood actress Amrita Rao is one of the well-known actresses of the industry. The actress has appeared in only a few films of the industry, but still she is popular among the audience for her innocence and beauty. Amrita is known for her many roles, but she got a different identity after the 2006 film ‘Vivah’. Amrita Rao, who won everyone’s heart with her simplicity and innocence in the film Vivah, celebrates her wedding anniversary on 15 May every year. On the occasion of the wedding anniversary of the actress, know about her lovely and interesting love story-

The actress, who kept her love story a secret for many years, secretly married RJ Anmol. The love story of the actress and her husband is no less than a film story. Amrita and Anmol’s love story is interesting in many ways, from the first meeting to the wedding and then the birth of their first child.

Amrita had reached the radio station in connection with one of her films, where she met Anmol for the first time. Here Anmol had interviewed the actress, after which the closeness between the two started increasing. While Amrita liked Anmol’s voice, the simplicity and beauty of the actress touched Anmol’s heart and thus started their friendship.

After friendship, Anmol had chosen a very cute and different way to take their relationship to the next level. RJ Anmol took the help of the same radio station where they had first met to talk about his heart to Amrita. About this, the actress told in an interview that during her radio show, Anmol messaged her and asked her to listen to the show and then expressed her love to her through a song.

Amrita and RJ Anmol kept their relationship hidden from everyone for about seven years. After dating each other for a long time, this couple took seven rounds with utmost simplicity in the year 2016. The wedding ceremony was attended by the family members of both and some close friends. The actress shared her wedding pictures on social media for the first time some time back. After four years of marriage, the couple became parents to a son in November 2020, whom both have named Veer.