Amitabh Bachchan talks about his personal donation for relief fund, says, “I did not ask, I gave”

Actor Amitabh Bachchan has been providing Covid-19 relief since the pandemic started. On Saturday, in his blog, he shared the reason for not starting any fundraiser. He said that he finds ’embarrassing’ to ask money from others and also clarified that his charitable efforts are for helping needy people and is not to seek praise.

“I give wherever I can .. my means are extremely limited .. it may not seem so , but they are,” the actor wrote, adding, “I have not made any effort to collect them through campaigns or donations to a cause that I may have instituted .. I just feel asking someone for funds is embarrassing for me,” the actor said.

He also said that he had worked in public service advertisements but never asked directly for contributions. “If there have been such unseen or unknown incidents then I seek forgiveness,” he wrote.” 

Comparing the money raised by the other fundraisers, he said, “but with all due respect and modesty, at times the amount that I have personally individually donated, matches the funds collected out of the campaigns.”

“I did not ask .. I gave,” he concluded.

Recently, he posted a blog where he confirms that he personally contributed Rs25 crore. ‎