After Shweta’s CCTV footage goes viral, ex-husband Abhinav spills his version of the story

Television actor Shweta Tiwari had shared a video on her Instagram which was a CCTV footage and accused her husband of allegedly assaulting her and her son. The video show Abhinav Kohli, trying to grab hold of Shweta in power of trying to snatch the kid away from her. This incident was recorded by the CCTV in her common compound area only to reach the actors social media page and become a public affair.

Now, Shweta’s ex-husband, Abhinav Kohli has spoken about his take and understanding about the incident that has been reported. Abhinav goes on to explain that Shweta left the child with him when she has tested positive for covid.

In the weeks that the child spent with him, the child didn’t want to go back to his mother at all. His videos that were posted somewhere in October 2020 show the child happily playing in the lap of his father. To add on, there is a video where the child is weeping and says that he would like to be with his father.

The video he says, was taken when Shweta wanted her child to accompany her to a resort by since the child was emotionally involved with the father, he didn’t want to go with his mother. Abhinav also has to say that he asked Shweta to come home and convince the child to go with her but she didn’t turn up. She directly came with the police to his house, but the child was still refusing to go with her.

However, now, Abhinav says that he wanders from hotel to hotel in search for a glimpse of his beloved child.