Aditya Narayan comments on Amit Kumar’s critics over Indian Idol 12’s Kishore Kumar special episode

The reality show Indian Idol has reached it’s 12th season. In one of their episodes, they decided to pay tribute to the legendary singer of Bollywood, Kishore Kumar. Amit Kumar was honored as the guest judge for this episode. However, things didn’t seem to go well with Kumar as he has criticized as not keeping up to his expectations due to the average performances the contestants gave to pay tribute to the legend.

Indian Idol is being hosted by singer, Aditya Narayan. Aditya replied to the opiniated statements made by Amit Kumar in a very calm and polite manner. He addresses the singer as Amitji and goes on to say that it is not easy to to honor the legacy of a legend in an hour or two. He expresses his concern about the set being shifted to Daman and the limitations in crew, rehearsal times and set design. He says that it is indeed a task for them to craft the show to its originality in this time of crisis of the pandemic.

Aditya goes on to say, will all due respect to the star, that he did not mention even a tint of discomfort or dissatisfaction during the shoot. In fact, as always the start went on to praise the contestants and share anecdotes about Kishore sir.  The crew feels that if he were to open up during the shoot, they would have been more than happy to accommodate his inputs and suggested changes.