Abhishek Banarjee talks about the COVID-19 crisis says, ‘People in the society have to step up and pitch in’

Abhishek Banerjee who was shooting for his film Bhediya in Arunachal Pradesh, recently talked to media. When he was asked about the Covid crisis in our country he said ‘I was feeling completely helpless for a few days especially when I came back from Arunachal Pradesh because being there was like a dream world. I was aware what was happening (in other parts of the country), but we had no clue that it’s so serious.’

He further talked about the failure of government in helping people and said ‘It seems that the authorities have just given up. I don’t understand how it can function like this. They’re actually saying nothing can be done. It’s a huge failure of the infrastructure and the governments. I hope that they should own it. If the government and authorities have given up, then at least the people in the society have to step up and pitch in. And they’re doing that’.

Abhishek Banerjee recently posted a thank you  note for people helping others regarding the Covid resources and encouraged them to keep doing it. Here is the post.

Abhishek Banerjee was last seen in Patal Lok.