Aanand L Rai believes ‘Akshay sir & Salman bhai don’t have to prove anything’, opens up on family films

Aanand L Rai is nowadays gearing up for what he calls the most special movie till date, Raksha Bandhan with Akshay Kumar. The director came across the intention of making Raksha Bandhan while making his most complicated project till date, Atrangi Re. “In the pandemic, Himanshu (Sharma) and I realised how important is family for everyone. And that’s when we decided to come up with a story as basic as Raksha Bandhan.”

A self-confessed buff of Rajshri cinema, Aanand L Rai thinks that there is a vacuum of family drama’s in Hindi Film Industry. “As a fan, I remember watching Sooraj Barjatya films. I watch them even today on television, such is the beauty of this genre. It’s been a while since we are not catering such stuff to our audience. This genre was our staple diet and we left the staple diet for all the fancy stuff around. These kinds of films have to be there at regular times,” he discloses.

Casting of Raksha Bandhan appears to be a match in heaven, with Akshay suiting the role to T. Aanand L Rai speculates that very few actors can combine themselves into the world of family dramas. “We needed an actor who is very self-assured, somebody who is very easy with himself to get into a zone as simple as this. Akshay sir and Salman bhai don’t have to prove anything to anybody and that’s very important for a film in this zone. As for Rakshan Bandhan, it’s a very emotional, sensitive and selfless character and I think, nobody, but Akshay sir was apt for it,” he chuckles.

Raksha Bandhan is scheduled to arrive in Cinemas on August 11.