A fraud phone pay account gains popularity under the name of Sonu Sood; actor pleas to report it

Bollywood actor, Sonu Sood has proved to be the messiah of those ailing due to the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the imposition of the lockdown last the year, the actor has been at the frontline to serve the people who need help with supplies and resources. Recently, he had been captured by the paparazzi at the airport where he promised to help a person seeking for help with the supply of Remdisiver despite being late for his flight.

While we glorify the noble and charitable services that the actor has been rendering, Sonu’s Instagram story is a shockers to his donors. He has posted a flyer which askes for donation and has a phone pay account number inscribed onto it which indicates where the fund is going to be rested. The flyer is under the symbols of the Sood charitable foundation and even has a picture of Sonu on it. This poster is an exact replica of the poster made by Sonu’s charitable foundation except for the fact that it asked for donations through the phone pay app unlike the former which only provides a helpline.

As soon has he was made aware, Sonu put up the flyer on his Instagram handle and wrote, “Please beware and report to your nearest police station.” The details of this fraud are yet to be spilled. However, Sonu has rightly spread awareness against the malpractice that has been happening or possibly could have happened due to the cons of excess digital knowledge to the Gen-Z.

Sonu Sood has been spreading a word about his availability to help  through his Instagram posts. Here is one of them: