21 modifications in Salman Khan’s Radhe after getting CBFC certification

Superstar Salman Khan’s Radhe – Your Most Wanted Bhai is all set to release on the scheduled date. Film also get CBFC certification without any cuts but makers themselves made 21 modifications as they have chopped some scenes from the movie.

According to sources, “Lead actor Salman Khan and the makers felt that the film is a family entertainer. Although it’s coming on digital as well, many are going to watch it with their families in their homes. So they probably must have thought that it’s better to remove a few shots which might make the target audience uncomfortable. So, a few shots of young boys consuming drugs have been removed. There’s a quick, one-second shot of a boy suffering from over consumption of drugs. Even this blink-and-miss shot was chopped off. Then, action shots at four places were deleted, possibly as it was a bit violent.”

The makers also made an addition by including a city-wide shot of five seconds in the end of movie.

Also makers replaced ‘Swacchh Mumbai’ to ‘Swacchh Bharat’ and also removed ‘Jai Maharashtra’ from a dialogue.

Talking about this, source added, “Let’s not see these things out of context and try to create controversy. I am sure there’ll be a reason why the makers made these modifications and we’ll get the answer when we see the film on May 13.”